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Sometimes carpets like a lot of materials stretch over time and lumps and ridges appear which can be unsightly, dangerous and can cause premature wear, if not treated it will result in the ridge or lump on your carpet becoming a hole.

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This is quite a common problem and doesn't necessarily mean that your carpet is or was defective or fitted badly. It could have been caused by numerous things, like heavy furniture being dragged over it, or not being cleaned correctly, or just the fact it has softened up. This means it will need restretching or it will become worse.

We can restretch your carpets and save you replacing it and aiding landfill. We also offer a patching (infill) service, damage or burns in carpets repaired, perhaps you have removed a unit or wardrobe and need to replace the carpet, (we will of course need some of the original carpet to patch it) we can also do small fitting jobs like bedrooms and bathrooms etc, and can supply underlay and gripperods.

The next Generation in Eco/Carpet Cleaning

Cleanfix Carpets use the latest powerful carpet cleaning machines using one of the most ECO-friendly cleaning solutions available with today's technology, keeping You and your family and Our operatives Safe and Free from chemicals, but not compromising on cleaning power performance.

We use hot water extraction as our preferred method of cleaning, because it is the most thorough cleaning process available, as well as being the process recommended by the major carpet manufactures. We can however offer a dry cleaning alternative if desired. We do not offer fancy gimmicks or ½ price cleans, but we do offer good quality environmentally Eco friendly cleans at value for money prices coupled with old fashioned service.

We begin with a thorough vacuum followed by a natural Eco-friendly pre-spray which is pressure sprayed to your carpet which breaks up the dirt and grease and soil. This is then agitated into your carpet using a contra rotating machine. Using the latest carpet cleaning machines (not to be compared with the less powered and less efficient hire machines) we then extract the deep down dirt and 95% of the moisture to aid a quick drying time, generally between 1-2 hours depending on carpet construction and condition. This method of cleaning also removes mites, allergens, dust and pollutants which can trigger allergies and breathing problems.

The solutions we use are:
  • 1. Fully Biodegradable
  • 2. Derived from renewable , sustainable sources
  • 3. Exhibites anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties due to its unique natural-molecular
    cleaning action
  • 4. Non toxic to humans and pets
  • 5. Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • 6. Non reactive with chemicals, such as chlorine bleach
  • 7. Non-caustic
Our solutions DO NOT contain:
  • 1. Chlorines
  • 2. Glycol Ethers
  • 3. Terpenes
  • 4. Petroleum distillates
  • 5. Caustics
  • 6. Solvents
  • 7. Bleaches
  • 8. Enzmes or phosphates

Solutions are totally Biodegradable and derived from renewable sources and manufactured from 100% natural plant based materials.

The result of this technology is an amazing range of environmentally friendly and biologically active cleaning solutions which clean without compromising performance or safety.

Our unique cleans provide a solution for environmentally aware companies and customers who appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic, Eco-friendly solutions in the cleaning process.

We hope this has been helpful and given you an insight to our Eco-cleaning process.

The local company that know our carpets and care about yours
Telephone: 01243 262360
About Cleanfix Carpets

Thank you for visiting the Cleanfix Carpets Website for total carpet care.

Cleanfix Carpets are a family owned and run business based in Pagham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex.We pride ourselves on our knowledge of carpets, and having fitted and cleaned carpets for over 25 years we believe we are well qualified to advise about your carpet cleaning and carpet repair needs.

Not only do we expertly clean your carpets using the latest machines with fully skilled operatives and use environmentally friendly safe Eco solutions, but we also sort out those common carpet problems, like lumps that need restretching, patching carpet where perhaps cupboards or units were, or repairing those little areas like doorbars that carpet has come out of.

So whether you require your carpets cleaned, sanitized, restretched or repaired you can be sure of a quality job along with old fashioned service.


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